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Greg-Strahan-&-Connie-Kincaid-StrahanIt’s hard to believe that more than two decades have passed since we moved from Los Angeles in the hope of creating a new life for ourselves here in the Vail Valley. City stresses, congestion, financial reversals and not enough time to enjoy the things we loved were just some of the pressures that drove the decision. Changing one’s life is never easy and despite all the prognostications you can never fully anticipate the adjustments and challenges that lie ahead when making such a radical divergence in lifestyle and environmental surroundings.

Professionally, the transition from commercial real estate to vacation homes was quite
profound. Profitability and productivity gave way to family, quality of life and recreational considerations. As the first real estate brokers ever hired by Vail Associates from outside the local community, we began to shape our new careers around those principles which had served us well over the preceding seventeen years: absolute client loyalty, a commitment to doing the right thing, aggressive negotiating tactics and sophisticated computer applications. This strict adherence to serving our clients first and foremost caused quite a stir with the “good old boy” network when Slifer, Smith, Frampton took over Vail Associates Real Estate shortly after our arrival. Management frowned at our unwillingness to just simply go along with their homogenized approach towards the real estate process where all clients, by corporate mandate, were to be treated the same. After a number of philosophical disagreements we thought it best to move on and associate ourselves with a small, more independent “hands off” styled company. We chose Brandess Cadmus Real Estate; a well respected, boutique firm that enjoyed a great location on Bridge Street. Our business prospered and we had great fun meeting people who walked in looking for information about the ins and outs of vacation home ownership. Our knowledge and skills improved over the years and we came to understand a great deal about Vail’s core customer after hundreds of visitor encounters. But what really changed the way we conducted our business was the internet. People began to discover the benefits of going online and the need for a physical location became less important. We quickly adapted to the requirements of cyberspace and in conjunction with our evolving style decided that nothing short of owning our own company would do.

Vail Property Brokerage, Inc. was established in 1999 as the valley’s only real estate consulting and advisory service company. We must confess that this was a very risky and bold move on our part. It’s much more difficult running your own business, and not being affiliated with a major brand means you may not be easily found or recognized. Marketing our service concept is time intensive and often frustrating, but it comes with the territory if one has undeniable entrepreneurial tendencies.

In closing, we know many of you have existing relationships with other real estate professionals and we respect that fact. However, sophisticated and experienced service providers who lead the market are very difficult to find and successful, independent companies must outperform prevailing market expertise if they are going to survive and prosper.

If you have any questions with regard to Vail Valley or Breckenridge, CO real estate please give us a call for more information about our unique approach towards the vacation home ownership process.

Best regards,
Greg and Connie


2217 Vermont Court I Vail, Colorado 81657
Office 970-476-8850 I Toll Free 1-866-FOR-VAIL I Fax 970-476-5421

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